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The Hardcover Ultra Deluxe

The Hardcover Ultra Deluxe

The Ultra Deluxe is...


  • Same as The Deluxe (Tier 2), with the following exceptions/additions...
  • The hardcover slipcase fort this tier is made for all three books in this anthology: Book 1 (Triple Entendre of the Heart), Book 2 and Book 3 will release a year after book 1. Books 2 and 3 in the slipcase will be mockups of the covers and are not the actual books. To be clear: this tier comes with a slip case for all three books and mockups of the two future book covers, but only includes book 1. When book 2 and book 3 are released, the base level of those books will need to be purchased seperately. 
  • 4 to 6 additional Easter eggs (most have rewards). 
  • One Easter egg is the "Golden Ticket." The first person to find it, solve it, and inform the author will win 50 hours of Joey Robert Parks consultation time as an author, ghostwriter, expert in acquiring a literary agent, self-publishing, traditional publishing, art direction, etc. — anything he excels in. This reward comes as a physical object and can be gifted to someone else, either with the full hours or any remaining hours.
  • An additional physical interactive component.
  • Signed by author and illustrator.
  • Books are numbered but the numbering appears in a unique place that doesn't exist in Tier 1 or 2.
  • Books shipping goal is 2022. See red thermometer on home page (under book trailer) for latest release schedule.
  • Only 50 books to be printed at this tier.

    After making your purchase, the author will contact you to find out which book number you'd like from the still available numbers. 


    Shipping and handling costs are covered worldwide as part of the purchase cost. 

  • Reserved Book Numbers

      1       Krista Pacion

    • 11     David Parks

    • 13     Joe Martinez

    • 27      Bella Maenhout

    • 33      Tim McDonald

    • 42     Christopher Parks

    • 50     Anonymous


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