The Only Book Beyond

The Only Book Beyond

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The Book Beyond Edition is... Well, it's beyond anything and everything in the other tiers. At this price point, it better be. ;-)


It's the same as The Hardcover Ultra Deluxe (Tier 3), except...


  • The Author Introduction & Epilogue are hand-written by the author and adressed to the buyer by name.
  • Includes an original one-of-a-kind illustration by Kat Fiscaletti that was not used in the other Tier editions and which is being designed specifically for this tier.
  • Includes the first chapter of Book 2 (2022) and the first chapter to book 3 (2023) in this three book anthology. Printed on keepsake cards and hidden where you'd expect to find something like this.
  • Only one book printed at this tier.
  • Numbered as 1/1. Further emphasized in the 351 total number of Limited Edition books being printed at Tiers 1-4 (as instead of 350).
  • Name recognized by Joey Robert Parks in the Author's Introduction in a stand alone sentence.
  • A complimentary, signed, first edition, hardcover copy of 'Disorderly Conduct' (2021, the author's first ghostwritten book with his name on the cover) as well as a complimentary, signed, first edition, hardcover (if available) copy of every book that bears the author's name on the cover after this book until his last book. (His plan is to never retire from writing, so hopefully that's at least another 30 books under his belt. :)
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