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Book Update for Sept.
(recorded late August ;)

In addition to the new treat for everyone mentioned in the video above, I'm also adding this juicy morsel for everyone who bought a Tier 3 book ($249.95). Yes, you're able to upgrade your purchase - just shoot me a reply to this email if that's your desire.

The new fun element for Tier 3 readers is that while the mock-up for book 3 will be an empty cover with no pages, book 2's mock-up will have blank pages inside the cover. You can use it like a journal if you want, but also if you write in it how you imagine Triple Entendre of the Heart might have continued after that book ended, I'll incorporate some of your writing into Book 3!

(The exact method of that will be determined later. Perhaps, you take photos of your entries and send them to me. We'll work that out when the time comes.)

Because of the unique way these books are being written, your story additions will be blended in a unique way as well. Alas, you won't learn precisely how I've done that until after you've read Book 3's epilogue--where I'll make a BIG revelation about a secret rule I gave myself for writing these books. A secret method that's never been done before and which will, I hope, inspire others to attempt the same.

Oh, one last thing. I almost forgot. Everyone who buys or upgrades to a tier 3 copy (and takes advantage of the opportunity to have their Book 2 journal entries incorporated into Book 3 of the 'A Novel Creation' anthology), they'll also receive name credit in the author thanks section of Book 3. 

That's it for the September 2022 update. Look for the next one in October.

Be well,

~ Joseph

Book Production Update
17 June 2022

This channel is coming soon!