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"Salvador Dalí with words."

~ Blanca Torres

"Never before have I experienced what it must
feel like to be in the
mind of the author at
the moment of creation.

This is exhilarating."

~ Cody Hayes

  • Written during the height of the pandemic in 2020.

  • Written on the fly.

  • Serialized on Instagram. 20 illustrations are being created for this Limited Edition.

All 176 Limited Edition Hardcovers will be pre-sold.



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Triple The Fun

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Triple What?

Triple Entendre of the Heart is the first in a three-book anthology. Book 2 and 3 will follow in 2022 and 2023 and will also be limited editions.

Triple Entendre of the Heart is an unforgettable love story about a relationship. Two threads intersect and become entangled. Her name is Alice. Her lover is unnamed. It could be any relationship, really. We don't know how old they are. The story takes place in an unknown place and year. We don't know all the typical backstories you'd expect to learn in a love story. And yet... all evidence of their past is there for us on full display in their words and their actions. Just as it is in real life when we meet people, get to know them, and know we don't truly know them as much as we think we do.  

Imagine a movie scene where the main characters and their immediate surroundings are well-lit and focused, but everything 10 feet away is in an increasing fog the farther out you go. When they move, we move, and the misty uncertainties follow us close behind. 

"Revolutionary!" ~ Sarah Hadir

"The writing style I created for Triple Entendre of the Heart was designed to be lyrical and poetic, but not poetry; profound language play, though not without simple word pleasures; clear insinuations, but open to interpretation; words turned inside out and used in ways rarely seen.

"I didn't know how the story would end until I got to the last few chapters, when the characters told me. But I didn't know how I could give them what they wanted. I'd never seen it done before. How it ended up on the page, I can't quite account for. I was in a kind of elated hypnotic fever dream." ~ Joey Robert Parks

Part 1 Sample


Music she remembered made colored times the saddest sound. Her face whimpering, she leaned over a shadow and wanted peace. She beat the ground with dark words until the sound echoed quiet. 

“Hey,” he said. “If I stay, could the storm wind back on the ocean and save the room?” 

She thought about lying

and holding one storm

in mind. Her heart was

music, and inside was

a violin making her play

into her head. “It’s all

wrong. No violin. I hated

the violin!”


Tears ran as she ran. 


The sound of the violin kept after her. 

Time-lapse Illustration

Pt 1 Ch 3

Pt 1 Ch 3

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The morning was green behind grey.


His eyes silently paused. His hand looked behind the hidden glassed case for the warning. His secret world was shaped gray green.

His hands were drunk.

The straight iron delicacy

could be sweeping and
brilliant except when

disturbed and taken

where seen. Nearly

burning and desperate,

his hands went quickly

over the little pleasure.

Carefully, trouble
was quickly out.

The day returned to him. He remembered to employ movements learned before with the voice. To shape with nothing except dreams and loneliness; in sleep, beneath evenings where the day gave dark all around.

Three hours cold passed gradually, and peace wandered alone.

Pt 1 Ch 1

Pt 1 Ch 1

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Time-lapse Illustration

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