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"Salvador Dalí with words."

~ Blanca Torres

"Never before have I experienced what it must
feel like to be in the
mind of the author at
the moment of creation.

This is exhilarating."

~ Cody Hayes

  • Written during the height of the pandemic in 2020.

  • Written on the fly.

  • Serialized on Instagram. 20 illustrations are being created for this Limited Edition.

All 176 Limited Edition Hardcovers will be pre-sold.



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Music she remembered made colored times the saddest sound. Her face whimpering, she leaned over a shadow and wanted peace. She beat the ground with dark words until the sound echoed quiet. 

“Hey,” he said. “If I stay, could the storm wind back on the ocean and save the room?” 

She thought about lying

and holding one storm

in mind. Her heart was

music, and inside was

a violin making her play

into her head. “It’s all

wrong. No violin. I hated

the violin!”


Tears ran as she ran. 


The sound of the violin kept after her.